The tribals of Melghat have been long neglected by the state and its people. Lack of medical facilities and their superstitious practice of going to traditional healers have been the most important reasons for very high infant mortality and premature death of adults as well. Various activities / Program launched by MAHAN to change the canvas of Melghat Health are.......move mouse / click over to know how?

Well equipped OPD, Indoor, OT & Critical Care Unit saved hundreds of serious patients.
Child Care
Trained tribal women treating children at home saving lives, reducing deaths and malnutrition significantly.
Blindness Control
Thousands of tribal treated for eye diseases like cataract. Children and adults are screened regularly & spectacles are distributed
Strengthen Government systems & mobilize patient for hospital care reduced deaths and improved the overall health of the Melghat tribal.
Nutrition Farm
Nutrition farms are developed to make nutritious food available overcoming the issue of hunger, malnutrition and build healthy society in long run.
Adult Mortality Reduction
How mortality of adults dying due to various diseases is reduced
Story of how hundreds of people stopped alcohol and tobacco consumption.
Socio - Economical
Participation in solving 'Social & economical' issues
carry out systematic research to improve the health canvas
Hospice- Abode of Peace
It is about taking care of Terminally ill patients
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