Shanti-Nilayam”- Abode of peace ( Devotion of Wairagkar family)


 Taking care of terminally ill patients thru hospice kind of facilities is a huge gap in Indian health care and particularly not available for resource-limited tribal patients. Akola resident Sureshchandra Wairagkar’s family realized this through personal experience 2 years back, which led to giving donation for creating “Shanti-Nilayam”- Abode of peace for terminally ill patients at MAHAN Trust, Melghat tribal area under able leadership of Dr. Ashish Satav. 

'Hospice'- 'Shanti Nilayam' has been operationalized since 2018 by Dr. Ashish and team with a 4-bed unit initially with facilities such as 24 hours on call doctors, nursing staff, cardiac monitors, ventilator, nebuliser, defibrillator, suction machine besides grief counselling and support services to the affected families. Facility is being provided free of charge to poor tribal patients and at minimal charges to other non-tribal needy families. 

Mr. Sureshchandra Wairagkar, 85 years., passed away in 2017 after a terminal illness. Fulfilling his last wishes, family donated his body, didn’t perform any religious rituals and created this hospice on his first anniversary. More such examples can be replicated for the benefit of larger society to alleviate pain and suffering through shared responsibilities.


This initial donation is to start this hospice but Shanti Nilayam will need your continued support for smooth operations for years to come. Wairagkar family would like to appeal to individual donors and organizations to support their efforts with Dr. Ashish and donate their might for Shanti Nilayam. If someone is willing to support this facility, please contact Dr. Ashish Satav, MAHAN Mahatma Gandhi Tribal Hospital, Karmgram, Utavali, Tahsil : Dharni, Dist: Amaravati. Phone : 9975572101.

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